A lead magnet/Freebie/Ethical Bribe  is an irresistible free offer to a prospect in exchange for their email address.

Customers are the key to any successful business and without potential customers you will not be able to run your business for long.

In order to attract your visitors you need something that can change their mind or fall in love with something they would love to grab in exchange for their email address.


Why should you need a lead magnet?


How many products have you brought online at the first time of your visit to a new site?

90% of people never buy any product when they visit a new website


Because they don’t trust your site

So to convert these people you should give them something of high value for free.

This is where your Ethical Bribe comes in handy.

When you give something of a high value, they will be attracted to it, because it’s FREE and you are offering something valuable to them in exchange for their email address.

Once they opted in, you will send emails which are of high value, then you will pitch your product to them.

Because you are offering value to them for free, it creates trust and then you can start selling your products.

To create an irresistible lead magnet, you must deliver a specific promise to your prospect.


Injecting Emotion into your lead magnet


Every lead magnet (Freebie/Ethical Bribe) must create an emotional response with your readers in order to get more leads.




Let’s talk about each one in specific with one example.


People buy products when they fear the most. A fear appeal ad is a message that was created to scare the audience.

If you do not do this, this thing will happen to you.

Like Ads you can use this technique when creating a Ethical Bribe.

One of the example is mentioned below

12 ways to convert those abandoning visitors” comes under this category.

As you can see in the description, “over 70% of your visitors abandon your site and never come back

This statement creates fear instantly because they want you to know that over 70% of your visitors will never come back to your site.

Because you never want this to happen, you want to opt in to see how to convert them.


When one plus one mobile was launched, they were a huge success. Because they introduced an invite system to purchase their mobile phone.

So when you offer a Freebie which was for a limited time it creates scarcity.

The future of Internet marketing is a good example to show scarcity in your Ethical Bribe.

When you create something valuable that is free for a period of time, it creates panic so people want to grab it immediately.


A lead magnet which have curiosity/desire can attract visitors immediately. Jeff’s  “5 key tools I used to attract 16 million people” falls under this category.

If you change the same, to “50 tools that I used to attract 15 million” is not something that desirable.

40 hours of PPC analysis in less than 60 seconds is another best example which falls under the same category.

These types of lead magnets always use two numbers.

You can do 40 hours of PPC analysis with this file in less than 60 seconds.

With the help of these 5 tools I am getting 400,000 hits every month.


How to create an attractive lead magnet?


Every successful Ethical Bribe has a hook that attracts reader’s attention and in the below examples you will understand why they work.

This is the Best lead magnet I have seen in recent times. As I told in the above example, you will understand how to trigger emotion within your copy to generate hundreds of leads.

lead magnet example

Why this works?

The headline is about the future of internet marketing. Who doesn’t want to know more about the future of marketing?

Breakthrough video and case study” is the hook and it also reveals who is generating leads and converting them into paying customers consistently.

This Freebie is conversational and in the copy you can see brand new approach and 99% of all business owners have never seen – which creates desire.

This describes that the approach was unknown for 99% of the marketers and you could use this technique to increase your customers.

He named it “Behavioural Dynamic Response” and called it’s the Holy grail of marketing in the first bullet point. The remaining bullet points are there to describe it.

The description in Bullet points explains about some of the key points which were included in the video (Interest).

50% of your prospects aren’t ever seeing your offer – Fear

“This video gives you the cure” in bold letters gives you a hope to that fear incorporated in the first sentence.

“custom marketing sequence for each prospect… individually…by predicting his next move (and objections) based on his behavior!” this adds value because it’s a marketing sequence for individual by predicting his next moves.

The value which was strike through with red color ($197) – Huge Value.

Scarcity – Free for a limited time only.

The Download count shows the popularity of this lead magnet


Success online starts with getting web traffic



Why this works?

5 tools” and the numbers “16 million readers” create a lot of curiosity (what are the 5 tools that he used to get a lot of traffic).

He also used “over 400000 hits a month” under the brackets creates emphasis as well as desire. Every blogger wants to know how others are able to generate massive traffic right?


Yes, you can create more margin. Here’s how



Why this works?

He starts a conversation directly with the readers and mentions your struggles and his solution for your struggles. The struggle here is – finding enough time to do all things.

You can’t buy this workweek. There’s only one way to get it – This is the hook here.

By letting others know that the only way is to subscribe makes this Ethical Bribe more valuable.


Double your Traffic in 30 days + secret bonus (valued at 300$)



Why this works?

This freebie is irresistible. “Double your traffic in 30 days” + secret bonus is the hook. What’s inside the bonus? (curiosity)

It  displays the value “$300” on the top which shows how much value you are getting for free.


Before you go we’d like to welcome you with a free gift



Why this works?

They mentioned FREE GIFT in big bold letters with Red color which grabs the attention of the reader when it pops out.

The thumbnails on the Right side excite users to grab the free tools because the thumbnail is clear and it shows different topics which attract a lot of prospects.


40 Hours of PPC analysis in 60 seconds


Why this works?

They mentioned that you can do 40 hours of analysis in 60 seconds.

This report helps specific people who want to analyze their PPC analysis in less time.

These are the commonly used Ethical Bribes for business sites.


Grade your AdWords performance


Why this works?

This Ethical Bribe gives you a performance grade.

1 minute is all you need to find out your grade.


Free webinar



Why this works.

This is a free webinar.

The description shows that your customers are generating valuable content by talking and this webinar will help you to find out how.


 Excel marketing Templates


The question – “struggling with spreadsheets” is the hook.

The number “9” adds value.


11 point perfect sales funnel checklist


They are asking a question directly to you.

A Checklist is a list of To-Do tasks. The emphasis is over the Free? (Creates interest).

Creating a sales funnel with high conversion rates is what everyone other blogger wants to know more about (value).


Never use subscribe to my blog


Instead of using “Subscribe to my blog” you can use something that attracts your users.

Why this works?

This lead magnet shows the testimonials from twitter and the call to action button “I want proven SEO tips” gives the added advantage over subscribe to me.

The subheading “This is where I share my best material” and “seriously, people are loving these tips” creates interest.


12 Proven ways to convert Abandoning visitors into Subscribers


Why this works?

They are talking about abandoning visitors and they have a solution to convert those abandoning visitors.

The subheading also adds “70% of visitors who abandon your site will never return” show you how much important is to convert these people because they are not returning back.


Trial example


Shopify is an eCommerce platform and this Ethical Bribe attracts its customers because they do not need to add any credit card.

No risk, and no credit card required gives you a secure feeling.

Free web design report



This Ethical Bribe works for people who want to know the report about their website design and SEO.

Not only those, along with the report you can also get a demo of their results to increase their sales and leads is the hook.




Printable is used by a majority of bloggers to stay focused and organize things neatly.


Promo codes/Discount


This lead magnet is simple but its effective. These Ethical Bribes are used by Sites which sell physical products.


Elements of Lead Magnet


In order to create a likable lead magnet, you must understand your ideal clients and what they want.

Your customer

Your offering

What problems does it solve?



You must give something of high value to them. People tend to subscribe to something specific that meets their desire.

Value is important but this doesn’t mean that you should display the price of it. Value means something that your visitor cannot get it elsewhere.

Be specific

Your lead magnet must solve a specific problem in a specific time.

Focus on a specific problem and show the solution to that problem in a time frame.


Everyone loves shortcuts. Whether it’s about money or being successful.


Create a Freebie that is actionable. Give your results instead of telling them what works. It should be practical but not theoretical.


Show them how you became successful and how they can implement your techniques and grab the opportunities to become successful.


Understand what your target audience wants


In order to create a lead magnet, you must understand your target audience.

Check your popular posts.

Do you have any specific post your audience loved the most?

Shared on social media a lot of times or commented on your article for more information?

If the answer is yes, then find out that article and create a Freebie which is closely related to the topic.

If the answer is no, then ask your audience about what type of topics they might want to learn more.

Create a poll and then share it on your Facebook page and Facebook popular groups where people like to share their information.

After narrowing it down to a specific topic ask what problems you can solve for them.

This lead magnet solves —————–

With this Freebie, my audience will able to —————-

Ask yourself all these questions and take a note of it.

First, you will create something of high value.

What’s in it for them?


Create a lead magnet that supports your course


It’s always important to research what kind of material you should give your users for free.

Many sites follow a system before launching their new course.

1) They create a blog post which focuses on the problem (Offers valuable content).

2) They will show you how they have overcome their problems and what they have done to overcome their obstacles (Top of the funnel).

3) They will create a Freebie/content upgrade based on the same topic (Call to action).

4) Once they opted in, they will get the freebie and because you are now in the middle of the funnel you will create an email sequence and pitch your course in the email who subscribed to your lead magnet (Middle of the funnel).

5) Your audience who like your content will be converted as your customers. Because they have already brought your course, you will target this customer base again with another email sequence so that they can purchase your products which are already created (Bottom of the funnel).

Example: Suppose that you are creating a course on Pinterest.

1) You will create a blog post which shows the amount of traffic before using Pinterest (Attracting visitors with quality information).

2) You will create a Freebie which reveals some of the insights about how you were able to achieve the results (Stats and Strategies).

3) Once your visitors subscribe to it then you will pitch your product in an email.

My course is about ————— so this Freebie———— helps my audience to get/solve ————–

Example: My course is about Pinterest so “Pinterest traffic hacks” will help my audience to get “viral traffic from Pinterest”


Lead magnet ideas

Most commonly used lead magnets: eBooks, Videos, Checklist, Swipe files, Toolbox, Printable, Free courses, Test or quiz, White papers, 30 day Free trials, Demos, Free consulting/site report, Templates, Free shipping, Coupons.

Swipe files

Show them what you have done in your business and what brought you results.

Toolbox/ Recommendation

Recommend them what tools you were using on your site.


Give them a discount for a product you are selling (physical products).

Expert Advice

Do you have blog posts where some of the best experts in the industry share some of their experiences with you?  Well pick some of the best ones and give it for free.

Blog challenge

Everyone loves challenges. This will improve their confidence and shows them a way to change things.

Free courses

A free course should cover a topic in detail and your success depends on various factors like time frame and duration so you can use videos to cover large topics.


Do you have any webinar which was recorded in the past? Give it to your subscribers for free. Your audience will love it.


E-books should be short. You never know how many people actually read all the pages if your eBook is more than 10 pages. So keep it short and simple.


Many people sell printable and people buy it because they can print it and keep their plans organized. Because people want to stay focused, they convert well.

Quiz or Test

Everyone loves to know their capabilities and want to find out their true potential.

Demo/30 Day free trial

If you are running a business, then there is no better way to get targeted leads by offering a trial or demo of your product.

Free site report/consultation

Offer free consultation or free report for your visitors in exchange for their email.

The above ones are some of the most common things people use as a lead magnet. If I missed anything else, then comment here and let me know.

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