If you are a blogger, then you would probably know what am I talking about. Bounce rate is one of those metrics, which is often used to find out how users interact with your website.

In simple words, bounce rate is the percentage of people who lands on your site and leaves without viewing any other pages.

This happens when a visitor lands on your page and was not able to find what he/she was looking for or the page does not satisfy the user intent of the visitor.

Many bloggers had differences that bounce rate is a signal that Google uses in their algorithm to rank pages and in this article; I am going to explain you the myths of bounce rate.


Do bounce rates affect a site’s search engine ranking?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions by many new bloggers and the answer from Google is NO.

Bounce rate does not affect your site rankings but affects your conversion rate.

Bounce rate can be manipulated easily with Ghost spam and Referral spam and you can adjust bounce rate.

John Mueller from Google confirmed that Google does not use Analytics Data as a part of the ranking factor.

Google never uses your analytics data to rank pages and their main purpose is to help the webmasters to identify and improve their site with the help of analytics.

There are a lot of websites that do not use Google analytics at all.

But on the other hand it will decrease your conversion rate and you’re not able to generate more leads.

The problem with analytics data is that you do not know how many people are bouncing from your page after reading one article or they are abandoning your page instantly which is called as pogo sticking.

Pogo sticking can affect your site rankings easily because it can influence some of the other ranking factors like dwell time, On page time, user experience.

What is Pogo Sticking ?

Pogo sticking is similar to bounce rate but they both are completely different.

Let’s say some one was searching for a query on search engine and landed on your site but left your site instantly in less than few seconds and landed on another site on the same page.

This is called pogo sticking.

Back in 2014, John Mueller confirmed that neither bounce rate nor pogo sticking would affect your website rankings.


This also applies to all the queries for which people want to find answers like

“various departments in manufacturing company”

“my ip address details”

“movies running in Cleveland”

All the search results lead to 100% bounce rate because the visitors want to know specific answer.

Recently Andrey Lipattsev (Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google) revealed that it’s tough to make click data (CTR) a strong signal because it is a changeable metric.

He also added that Pogo sticking is not always a Good metric but sometimes the user behaviour for the query might want them to click, read and going back to the search results quickly.

For instance, a search query from a user who wants to know the present time in USA would search the query enters the page and leaves.

Source: Webpromo expert

check this video from the time frame 10:00.

From the last few days a lot of experts on SEO tested whether pogo sticking is a ranking factor or not and they found that CTR does not help for all queries.

But at the same time some other SEO experts like Larry Kim in his posts shows that CTR and rankings are codependent variables and it’s a factor that can affect your rankings.

So does this means that pogo sticking is also a myth? No

Search engines like Google and Bing always update their algorithm to provide the best possible results for a search query.

Because search engines want the best information to show on the top 10 results, abandoning a page instantly shows that the user is not satisfied with the end result.

Because Google uses different ranking factors, of which user experience and user engagement are the most important ranking factors.

 Therefore, if more people from organic search for different queries land on your site and then abandon your page instantly, this shows that the page is not satisfying the user intent.

Rand Fishman from Moz tested whether CTR is a ranking factor or not and the results show that out of 10 results 6 SERP results were changed and the other 4 rankings remains constant which he also shared in the Q and A with Andrey.

But because it is also going to affect some other factors such as user experience and dwell time it may indirectly affect your rankings if search engines start considering those factors into account.

Bing uses dwell time to understand the quality of the content so that they can rank the pages taking dwell time into account.

Dwell time is the amount of time a visitor spends time on your page before returning to the search results. It’s similar to CTR but not exactly the same.

Google had changed a lot from the past and they are focusing on page time, which is a metric that shows how much a user is satisfied, or not.

Because Pogo sticking affects all these factors, it might affect your site rankings so completely ignoring CTR is a blunder mistake.

For some searches if someone is leaving your site or not spending time on your page then that could means:

The page is not satisfying the user intent

Poor user experience

Low quality article stuffed with keywords


What is a High Bounce Rate

Bounce rate depends on many other factors and it differs a lot for different industries.

For a site, which captures leads for plumbing services with a landing page will always have a bounce rate of 100%.

landing pages with only one page

The main objective of this site is to collect the leads as many as possible and to avoid distractions.

Different websites have different bounce rates and it’s hard to tell the average bounce rate of any website.

These are the Bounce rates for different industries from similar web mobile web report.

Average Bounce Rate by Industry
Mobile Web report bounce rates 2015

On an average, the user spends less time on mobile than desktop.

Avg time on site mobiles & desktop users

So you need to find out where majority of traffic is coming from.

If they are from mobile devices, then you must use mobile responsive design so that they can spend more time on the site.

Generally, if your bounce rate is around

90-100% is worse.

80-85% is bad

70-75% is okay

30-60 is Good

Anything below 5-10% is probably because of analytics error.

I have seen many bloggers who have published articles that their bounce rates are less than 5%.

This means that you have multiple Google analytics tracking code or because of referral spam.

So instead of publishing a post about your bounce rate check whether there is any duplicate code or not.


20 ways to reduce your site’s bounce rates

There are some easy ways to decrease your bounce rate and some of these are very easy to implement. Following are the most common problems of bounce rates.


Increase your site speed

Speed is one of the ranking factors and if the website is taking more time to load then you are losing a lot of customers.

If your page speed is low, then visitors will abandon your site.

Walmart reduced their page load time and they were able to increase their conversions.

Source: WebperformanceToday

For every 1 second of improvement in the page speed, they improved their conversions up to 2%.

Not only that, for every 100 ms of improvement they grew incremental revenue by up to 1%.

Shopzilla increased their page load time from 6 seconds to 1.2 seconds and were able to increase their revenue by 12% and page views by 25%.

Source: Shopzilla

Amazon increased their revenue by 1% for every 100 ms of improvement.

Yahoo increased their traffic by 9% for every 400 ms of improvement.



Mozilla got 60 million more downloads per year by improving their page speed 2.2 seconds faster.


So always keep an eye on your page speed and increase your page speed.

Google speed is a ranking factor which also helps you to boost your rankings on SERPS.

For ecommerce sites it will affect your conversion rates even higher.

To find out your page speed loading time –

Go to Pingdom, find out your page speed loading time, and optimize your site for speed.

You can see my website loads up in less than 2 seconds and you can optimize your website for speed.

Website Performance Optimization

One of the most common issues for slow page speed is because of uncompressed images.

Install WPsmush plugin which can optimize your images automatically when you upload it to your server.

Do not scale your images.

Use the right caching plugin and minimize your java script and CSS files.

Enable cloud flare to increase site speed.


Bad User Experience

Your website Design and navigation are also one of the reasons for high bounce rates and low conversions.

A clean website, which is easy to navigate, gives you much better user experience, helps the user to stay for longer time than usual and helps to increase your engagement.

If a visitor has trouble navigating your site, they would not take much time to bounce immediately.

Zen windows were able to increased their conversions by 3% after redesigning their old website  and made it easier for the users who want to find something for what they are looking for so that they can take action instantly.


Old Design

New Design


The new design structure is easier for the user that helped them to take specific actions.

In the course of 1 month, the number of prospects tripled and the conversions increased from 0.75% to 2.95%.


Responsive Mobile site

Gone are the old days where your mobile is only used for phone calls.

Now mobiles overtake desktops and tablets in terms of numbers and growing fast.

According to comScore the smart phone usage is increased by 394% between 2010-2014

60% of time spent on mobiles and tablets are for shopping online.

Majority of the traffic now a day comes from mobile devices alone and if your website is not mobile friendly then you are losing half of the organic traffic.

According to Google, more than 50% of traffic comes from mobile devices.

Similarweb survey also suggests that an average of 55.67% of traffic in Q4 2015 comes from mobile devices.

Also, Google wants to separate desktop and mobile index so that they can give different results to desktop and mobile users.

By up grading the website to a responsive site Manhattan wardrobe was able to increase mobile conversions by 51%.

They also replaced their search bar with Algolia search that helps to find the product instantly while typing and placed at the top of all the pages.

After one month, the new responsive site helps to increase

21% increase in conversions

25% increase in revenue from mobile

51% of increase in conversions for Mobile.

So check whether your website is mobile friendly or not.

Most of the themes available for WordPress are mobile friendly themes.

But if it’s not mobile friendly then hire a coder to fix the issue.

You can also use AMP plugin to display AMP pages to the people who have very slow internet speed.


Make your site readable

Back in 2008, Jakob Nielson published an article, which shows people only read at most 28% of the words during an average visit; 20% is more likely.

If your website is not readable then people will leave your page.

Readability helps to improve the user experience.

Use the right font size and color and do not use small size fonts which are hard to read.

Clicklaboratory case study on Numarara software shows how important font size could be to your site and how they affect conversions.


The website is optimized well for SEO but not for readability and also they figured out that the home page was similar to other pages so they changed the header of the home page which helped to increase the click through rate by 334%.

Original Header

Source: Clicklaboratory

New Header

Source: Clicklaboratory


They changed the body font Arial 10 pt to font size 13 pt and increased extra spacing between the lines.

These simple changes improved their bounce rate by 10%

Site exit rates dropped by 19%

Increased Pages per visit by 24%

133% Boost in conversions.

Use bullet points and subheadings in your article so that they can improve your flesh readability score in your articles.

Even though this is a not a ranking factor but people spend more time on articles that are easy to read.

If you use thick paragraphs of text you will also see low flesh readability score, this looks hard to read, and it annoys readers.

Using short paragraphs in your article makes your visitor easy to read and it also helps them to read your article much faster and can remember the exact left over location even if they bookmark your site and come back

If you are using Yoast, it will show you the score so that you can improve it.

Reduce Bounce Rate

Yoast will show you how easy is your article and will give you suggestions.

Use Heading and subheadings.

Use Bullet points.


 Optimize Your Call to Action

A call to action otherwise called as CTA is a button or a hyperlink where you want your users to click. To convert your visitors into leads by encouraging them to do specific action.

Some of the most common CTA are

Register Now

Start my 30-Day Trial

When you are using CTA on your landing page, you must optimize this area to increase your leads.

If you use too much of text or too many images with multiple calls of actions people get distracted easily and will not take proper action.

With the help of proper button shapes and colors, you can optimize your CTA.

Some of the most commonly used colors are Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.

 Colors– Your CTA color should always stand out. So do not use light or dull colors.

In general Orange, Green, Red and yellow are used in CTA.

Researchers and A/B testing on some CTA buttons show that Red converts higher than any other color and green comes next to red.

These four colors stand out with any other color you use in the background and hence increase your clicks to the area where you want them to be.

Positioning – Always show your call to action above the fold with proper spacing and formatting.

Size – Size of your CTA will increase your conversions.

With large buttons you can use text which can be easily readable on all the devices.

This will draw your visitor’s attention immediately on the area where you want them to engage with.

Button ShapeUse square or rounded buttons.

Case studies show that both rounded and square buttons increase conversions.

A clear call to action helps your visitor to take action.

More CTA’s on your page distract your audience and because you are using multiple CTA’s you will reduce the emphasis.

Ecommerce company Fab A/B test was able to increase their clicks by 49% by improving the customer shopping experience.


They tested Three call to action buttons and found that “Add to Cart” variation helped them to gain 49% more clicks an increased their conversions by 15%.


Use videos and podcasts to engage your audience

Videos and podcasts are growing day by day.

Videos are used for people who want to take action instantly.

This will help ecommerce sites so that they can stay on the site and take proper call to action.

According to a new report from Cisco, by 2019 videos will grow by 90%.

Adding videos to your blog or ecommerce site will increase your Dwell time (on page time) which is a factor that shows the engagement of the user.

Newton Running shoe brand was able to drive a lot of website traffic but the amount of people who are engaging on product pages are less. They wanted to see why many people were leaving their site.

Apart from text reviews and cool images, they decided to show Authentic user generated honest reviews.

By implementing criteek video review widget on shopping product pages’ Newton Running shoes were able to

Decrease their bounce rate by 14.63%

Increased page views by 107%

Dwell time improved from 72% to 85%

Increased user generated videos by 87%

Videos can also be used in your email marketing to increase sales.

David C. Cook is a nonprofit organization that wanted to increase their donations for global missions.

They wanted to test the engagement of people and how they react to the emails with and without videos.

The emails with videos increased donations by 114%.

Podcasts have grown exponentially in the last few years.

Adding podcasts to your content helps you to increase returning visitors.

According to Podcast-consumer 2016, 34% of people listen to audio on a smart phone in a day.

people listen to audio on a smart phone in a day

21% of people listened 4 or 5 podcasts on average and 53% of people listened to a podcast at home while 21% listened to a podcast in a car/truck.

Podcast consumer

Each and every year podcast listeners are increasing exponentially.


Use Soft Color Themes

While picking the theme, always choose the best colors for your websites.

Colors affect the mood of the audience and it reflects your brand identity.

According to University of Loyala, Maryland  color increases Brand recognition by 80%.

Choosing the right color for your brand is also as important as optimizing your blog for SEO.

Design plays a crucial rule for a successful blog or website and if your website colour is not appealing then it can increase your bounce rate.

The team at Elite strategies was able to reduce the bounce rate of a website by changing the colour of the theme to a soft coloured theme.

light theme color decreased bounce rate

After A/B testing they changed the home page colour to a soft color and by doing this simple change they were able to reduce bounce rate by 5%.

Within 49 hours, they were able to reduce the bounce rate from 60% to 55%.

reduced bounce rate after changing the color of the theme

Even though this test was run for short, it showed how color influences our human brains.


Credibility can help you to increase trust

The goal of a website is to turn their visitors into customers, and when they land on your site, they must believe that your products and services are worth every penny.

Credibility matters a lot and it helps your visitors to trust you even though they do not know you.

No one wants to spend money on a site on the first visit.

However, if you have already guest posted on other popular sites then mentioning those sites will increase your credibility.

So show them what you got, whether it’s about awards, certifications or testimonials from other bloggers.

Bright local consumer review survey shows that

84% of people trust online reviews

84% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendation.

90% of consumers read 10 reviews or less

90% of consumers read less than 10 reviews before forming an opinion about a business.

people will visit the website after reading positive reviews

54% of people visit the website after reading positive reviews.

Use Trust Signals

If people do not trust you it will affect your sales and by implementing security seals on your website boosts your online sales and conversions.

A case study by Taylor Melsonsofres shows that customers cancel 70% of online purchases because of lack of Trust.

In 2015 the Internet Crime Complaint Center received 288,012 complaints and the total loss associated with these complaints was approximately $55 Million.

2015 internet crime report

People do not want to get scammed when it comes to giving sensitive information of their credit/debit cards details online and they need something that can show that your brand Is legit and secure.

Blue Fountain media was able to increase their sales by adding Verisign trust seal on their website and it helped them to increase conversions by 42%.

Source: BlueFountainMedia


Awards and Badges

Bag servant wanted to improve their click through rate to the product sites so that they can get revenue from their affiliates.

After A/B testing they found that the lack of credibility and trust was the one reason where they should improve.

They increased their conversions by 72% by adding award badge on the top of the site next to their logo.


Social Proof

Testimonials will help your business to increase leads and adding testimonials on your website from your clients or influencers will help your audience to build trust.

By adding Testimonials Wikijob increased their sales by 34%.

Original page

Variation page with Testimonials


The testimonials are short and straight to the point and take less time to read and take action.


A-B testing on landing pages

A/B testing otherwise called as split testing is a method of comparing two different versions of a webpage to find out which one performs better.

By doing A/B testing you can identify the problems on your page so that you can change it by collecting the data.

By testing the same landing page with different copy and different visuals you can observe user behavior and with the help of heat maps you can find where you are losing your customers.

Unbounce tested one of their landing pages and by changing one word in the call to action; they were able to increase conversions.

By changing one word they saw a 90% of increase in click through rate.

“Start Your Free Trial”

“Start My Free Trial” – Increased Click through rate.

So even though the changes are negligible they affect a lot when it comes to converting your visitors to customers.


Multiple landing pages can help you increase your conversions

According to Hubspot research, multiple landing pages will increase your conversions.

According to the article,

“companies do see a 55% increase in leans when they increase their number of landing pages from 10 to 15”

As you can see sites with more landing pages were able to generate more leads.

It also can be used to capture different segments of visitors by giving them different products for free to capture more leads.

So instead of using one landing page check your site for which keywords you are ranking high on search engines and then create a landing page with a different offer for each one of those pages.

You can use Google webmaster tools and find the search terms of your site.

Because you will also index these landing pages in Google, you might also get traffic to your landing pages from Google directly.

Use images to evoke emotion

Just like videos, Images have their own importance.

Images are used to connect to other people instantly.

Unlike videos, images do not need much time to hook your audience.

Different brands use different types of images to connect with their audience.

Also some case studies proved that using real people images can improve conversion than using stock images.

By using smiling face images signalvnoice were able to increase their conversions by 102.5%.


Use keywords to increase conversion

Keywords do play a lot of importance in SEO so find out which keywords bring more quality visitors to your site.

This will help you to identify your Demographics and what they are struggling with.

If you are getting organic traffic to your old posts then it’s time to pick the posts and tweak those posts.

Hubspot was able to increase their conversion by focusing on keywords, which are getting a lot of traffic from organic searches and optimized their end-of post CTA text based on the keyword used by the searches.

By optimizing 12 of their old posts, they were able to increase the number of leads from these posts by 99% and thus increased the average conversions of the posts by 87%.



In simple words, they picked all the articles that were getting a lot of organic traffic with less conversions.

They picked all the keywords for which the post was ranking and optimized their slide-in CTA.

So all you have to do is find out the keywords for which you are ranking.

Change the copy of the CTA and use the keyword for which your post is ranking for so that the offer which you are giving for free is relevant to the search term.


Use internal site search

According to econsultancy 30% of visitors use internal search box for e-commerce sites.

A simple internal search bar can help you to drop bounce rate and increases conversions.

Waterfilters, a leading distributor for water treatment brands started to add more products related to water filter, which were not indexed by the search engines, and the customers abandoned their site for not finding the filters they were searching for.

site search increased conversions

After implementing Google site search on their webpages they were able to reduce their bounce rate by 4% and increased their conversions by 11% just by implementing a new Google site search in their website.


Three-act structure in Brand story telling

People like stories and they are powerful.

We tell stories because our brains are wired to connect.

Every Brand has a story to tell.

But in order to tell a great story you need a proper structure.

A three-act structure is a model used in screenwriting that separates the narrative in three parts.

This is used widely in the films and novels and it helps you to tell a story effectively.

B2B companies and Email- marketers use the three act structure to tell a story which helps to connect their audience immediately with images and videos which helps the companies to generate more leads.

The three-act structure is divided into three parts

Act 1 – Setup- Introduction of your protagonist.

Act 2 – Confrontation – Conflict.

Act 3 – Resolution – Solution.

Buzzfeed uses images and videos on their articles to tell their visitors a story with emotion.

The images evoke emotion and helps the reader to connect to the article instantly.

B2B companies also use the three act structure to sell their products.

Make your ideal customer the hero of your story.

Introduce the conflicts they are facing.

Show them a solution.

Gopro is one of the fastest growing camera companies in the world.

The recent commercial from Gopro shows you how to tell a story effectively in less time.

This commercial shows you as the ideal customer.

Your ideal customer is always your hero and understand what your customer wants.

More than 80% of search queries are informational searches where a buyer who wants to find a solution uses search engines to find the right product.

In Act 1, you will address your customer problems.

What are their problems? What are their Goals? Research your demographics.

Gopro Act 1 : The problem – People stop doing things to capture things.

In Act 2 you will show them a solution for the problem.

If your solution to their problem does not satisfy them then they will never buy your product.

GoPro Act2 : The conflict – Here the conflict is nothing but “camera” which needs another person to capture the moment and it was the reason you have to stop doing things to record others.

In Act 3 show them your product.

GoPro Act3 :The solution – Gopro camera. Keep Doing. Be a hero.

As you can see its easy and helps the visitors to resonate with their problem.

B2B companies uses this method to tell stories so that their prospects can get connected to them while reading their articles and sell their products.

When you are telling a story to your audience be truthful and honest.

Tell stories from your audiences point of view.

Be authentic and make it personal.

People want to connect with other people and that is why people spend most of their time in social networking sites.

Show them the  facts with data and use graphs, pictures and charts.

Prove that your point that you are right and they are not assumptions.


Avoid Popups

Popups annoy your visitors and force them to leave a site.

Keep your site as clean as possible and do not obstruct your users with popups.

Back in 2004, Nielson Norman group survey shows that popups are the most hated web experience.

popus survey

Popups will help you to increase leads if you use them in a proper way. Otherwise it could backfire and affect your site conversions and could also lead to pogo sticking.

In case if you want to capture leads, use a landing page or use the primary sidebar and create an irresistible lead magnet which is of high value for free.

Hello Bar and SumoMe also provides a way to collect leads without annoying your readers.

Slide-in ads are much better than popups and they are much better to convert your visitors.

Optimize your meta description to increase your CTR

To get more visits from organic search you need to use proper meta description.

7 out of 10 people will look at your meta description before clicking a link.

When you are using proper meta descriptions or call to action in meta description you will get more clicks.

More clicks result more traffic and because your CTR is high there are high chances that you will rank higher than your competitor.

Yoast SEO plugin is used by many blogs and for each article you can create a meta description of your own.

Always keep your meta description below 155 characters otherwise your description will get cut off in the SERP.

Many popular websites incorporate a call to action at the end of their meta descriptions to increase sales and helps to boost CTR.

call to action in the meta description

Include the main keyword at least once in your meta description and do not stuff your keywords.

stuffing keywords

The recent case study from seopressor shows that Google decides what snippets to show on the search results depending upon your search query.

meta description snippets

On the other hand by optimizing meta descriptions on each post they were able to increase their CTR and traffic by  286%.



Open External links in a new window

When linking to other sites or interlinking to other articles on your page you must make sure that they open in a new window.

If your let external links load on the same window, then your visitors get distracted and may never come back to your site which increases your bounce and exit rate.

This can be done easily with the help of  Title and Nofollow For Links.

With this plugin you can choose whether you want to open the page on the same page or on a new window.

If you want to open the page on a new window select the check box when linking to other pages and you can also add rel=no follow for external links.


Use Related posts

You can use your primary sidebar to add your most recent posts and articles so that people can see your other popular blog posts without leaving your site.

If you are getting many comments, then you can also show the comments so that they can start engaging with your blog.

You can use both related posts and recent posts so that your viewers can check those article before leaving.

If you already installed jetpack then you can do this easily by adding popular posts and related posts on your primary sidebar widgets.

Recent posts jetpack

Go to Appearance- widgets-Primary sidebar and add the related posts widget.


Give them high value content

Create content that stands out and update your posts every 3 months so that the visitor gets updated information.

Google counts content freshness as a ranking factor and not only this will help you to stay on top on SERPs but it will boost your brand credibility in the eyes of Google as you are creating fresh new content.


Why Is My Google Analytics Bounce Rate So High?

Your bounce rate is high because of different reasons but here are some of the most common ones.

Referral spam or Ghost spam ruins your analytics account and because you are not filtering those, your bounce rate is high.

Majority of your website traffic is from mobile devices and your webpage is not optimized for mobiles.

Your webpage takes a lot of time to load.

You are using popups that are blocking your screen completely or you are placing ads everywhere.

Your website design is poor.

Your external links are loading on the same page.

You are not showing any of your related posts.

You are not interlinking to the other articles on your site.

You site is not showing any signs of trust.

Your site content is too thin and it’s not satisfying the intent of the user.

Your site contrast is bad which affects readability.


How does bounce rate relate to conversions?

To understand how bounce rate affects your conversions you need to understand the basic sales funnel.

Here, you will understand how the sales funnel works and how other popular bloggers are using the basic sales funnel to increase sales.

There are 4 steps in a funnel.

AIDA funnel

AIDA – Awareness, Interest, Decision and Action

Step 1 – Awareness

Stage 1 Awareness

No one will buy your product or service just because you are offering it.

You need to build trust so that you can convert your visitors.

By creating a lot of valuable posts for your audience, helps you to increase traffic.

Visitors land on your page through social media, organic search and PPC ads.

Here your prospect becomes aware of your brand and the products you are offering.


Generate Site Traffic

By creating valuable posts on your blog you can bring new traffic to your site which increases the exposure of your brand.

Optimize your blog posts for search engines so that you can rank well on search engines, by targeting the right keywords.

Blog posts

Brian Dean creates kick ass blog posts, which are extremely long but straight to the point.

These kinds of articles help your visitors to engage and share it with other bloggers because of the high value you are providing it in your blog.

By creating these kinds of high quality articles you can create awareness among your visitors.


Step 2 – Interest

Stage 2 Interest

At this stage, your prospect who already know about his problem want to find a solution so that he/she can fulfil his goals.

Here they will start engaging with your website by reading your blog posts and follow you on your social media.

At this point of time the prospect is looking for the best possible solution for his problem but at the same time they are not ready to spend money on your product.

Use social proof to build trust so that people can give their email to get updates from your blog.

By offering an irresistible free product with the help of lead magnets will help them to subscribe to your blog so that you can pitch your products through emails.

Provide different kinds of leads magnets to capture different segments of audience.


Converting Traffic to Leads

You are getting Traffic from organic and social media but you need visitor’s emails to pitch your product to them.

This is where your lead magnet comes in handy where you will give them an irresistible offer for free.

Because the offer is irresistible, they will subscribe to your blog to get the product for free.

Lead magnet example

Frank Kern uses his Lead magnet to capture leads like every other marketer.

Because the value is so high and was only for a limited time you want to download it ASAP.

You can also create these types of High converting irresistible lead magnets easily by following few steps.


Step 3 – Decision

Stage 3 Desire

At this stage, subscribers who have received your free product will take decision based on the value you have given.

This is the stage where you will try to sell your product to some of these people who subscribed to your list.

But before that you must deliver real value in advance so that they can trust you and by creating a free webinar you can convert these subscribers easily.

So in your webinars you will share some of the insights and helpful techniques that you used in your blog with real examples so that they can know that you are the right person to spend their money.

You can also use giveaways to generate user generated content so that more people can become aware of your product.


Nurture Leads

People who have subscribed to your webinar shows that they want to solve their problem but they are not ready to buy your product.

So by sharing valuable information on your webinars helps them to decide.

At the end of the webinar, you will explain about your product so that they can take action and buy your product.


Example –  A webinar to increase website traffic with advanced SEO tactics.

Neil Patel uses his webinars to generate massive sales. His technique is simple.

Give a lot of valuable info on your webinar and after 1/3 time of your webinar, introduce your product.

Because you already shared some of the best tactics in the webinar it will help the undecided people to take action.


Step 4 – Action

Stage 4 in AIDA

By showing Testimonials from other popular bloggers in your niche shows that you are an authoritative figure in the industry.

Give them a special offer or a coupon for the people at the end of your webinar.

The more value you give them in the above 3 stages, the easier is to convert them.

The prospect will buy your product at the end of the webinar and if they don’t then you can target them again by with coupons or discounts.


Converting Leads into customers

In the webinar or live video, you will share your product link at the end of the webinar and offer them the product for less price or with a special bonus to create a sense of urgency.

Because the offer is only for limited period of time you want to enrol in the course ASAP.

Example – As you can see Neil offers 3 additional Bonus modules for the people who want to take action at the end of this webinar.

Now you may have a question what would he do if you do not take the action which he wanted?

You are already subscribed to his webinar and because your email is already on his list he will send you a free trial with 1$.

In the email he will send you to try his product for 1$ for the first 3 months.

This offer again helps him to get more customers because its just 1$ for 3 months and if you do not have to worry much because its 1$.


Now imagine if your bounce rate is about 90% then it means that the information you are sharing with your audience is not engaging or there could be other factors like slow speed, bad user experience, etc.

Because of this, people are leaving your site instantly and they are not completing the actions you want them to take. (Following you on social media, subscribing to your blog, sharing your posts, etc.).

This affects your conversions indirectly and if you want someone to buy your product then it’s always a good habit to work on your bounce rate and find out why they are leaving your site and not coming back.

There could be many factors which also associate with high bounce rates and some of the factors could be the following.

Conclusion: These methods help you to reduce bounce rate on your website and increases your site conversions.

Even a small change can affect your site conversions, so A/B testing will help you to identify why people are leaving your website and not coming back.


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