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It has been hard to find images online which do not have Copyright Protection/act until a few years ago, but these days, a lot of sites offer great images without copyright restrictions and are licensed under Creative Commons or Public Domain.

Every blogger requires high quality images in order to increase the site traffic and to drag viewer’s attention, as plain text posts are not so appealing. Using a copyright image on the webpage creates a lot of problems. Hence, we must be careful while choosing the right pictures and make sure that these pictures come under either Creative Commons LicensePublic Domain or Creative Commons with Attribution.

Creative Commons License

The Creative Commons License allows individuals to copy or edit the work which already has a copyright protection, so that one would not have to contact the site or the creator for permission.

Creative Commons with Attribution

Some images require attribution to the photographer. This can be easily done by adding credits to the photographer on the webpage and also by linking the original creator’s site. Some photographic work allows changes while others may not. Also, some will restrict the work when used commercially, as in blogs or in ads, while some photographs will not be restricted indicating that the photographic content could be used, both for commercial and public projects. So, we must be certain about not to violate the rules and should always check the conditions for more details on the license page which is linked to each photograph.

Public Domain

Photographs which come under public domain do have NO copyright and hence, can be used without any restrictions. Also, it is interesting to note that the images which are published before 1923 in U.S come under public domain.

Best Free Stock Photo Sites

 Best Free Stock Photo Sites List

Allthefreestock is one of the best free stock sites which suits all your needs for best images. This websites provides free stock videos, sound effects, icons and images in one place. Almost all top sites are listed here so that you can find all the best free stock items in one place. The site is organized efficiently and it also has color palette sites which are useful for designing your website.

Free Stock Images & Videos

Unsplash will provide you “do whatever you want” high resolution Free stock photos. This site is famous for extremely impressive naturescape, wildlife, technology, landscape photography. Photos available in this site can be modified and distributed for free, even for commercial purposes. No permission or attribution to the photographer is required for Unsplash images. This site also provides 10 free high resolution photos every 10 days.

Unsplash free stock images is one of the great sites which provide free photographs for non commercial usage. Photographs provided in this site does not need attribution. There are a lot of categories in this site which are unique. Some of the categories are Blur, Mockup, Vintage, etc.

Pexels free stock photos

Picjumbo is a great free stock photo site which offers daily added new photos. It provides free membership as well as paid membership. The advantage with premium membership is that all the images from the photo shoot are accessible while for free members only one image is accessible.

picjumbo free stock photos

Splitshire offers free stock photographs for personal and commercial purposes. More than 80,000 downloads show the popularity of this site. All the photographs are taken by Daniel Nanescu. This site also offers premium subscription for 20$/year.

splitshire free stock photos

This is one of the great free stock photo sites which offer excellent collection of images. You can also have free “Do whatever you want” stock videos. Some of the best images which are chosen by the editorial team are made available in this site thus helping to pick the best ones. There are 4 formats for almost every image: 640×317, 1280×635, 1920×952 and 3337×1655. Almost all images in Pixabay comes under CCO Public domain and thus could be used for commercial purpose with no attribution.

pixabay free stock photos

Gratisography provides unique high resolution free images and are free from copyright protection. New pictures are added every week in this site. Whimsical images are unique and this is the best site to provide whimsical category images. All the photographs are taken by Ryan McGuire.

gratisograpy free stock photos

Stocksnap is another great free stock image site which gives the ability to search based on trends. All photographs come under CCO which means that no attribution is required for using these photographs. You can sort images by Trending, Views and Downloads.

stocksnap free stock photos

These are some of the best free stock sites which could help your blog. Adding the right image to your post will help you in getting new traffic everyday.

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