Hello, welcome to you all… I am Chaithanya Krishnapati and here, I would like to introduce little bit about my new site “aimforbig.com”. My interest towards business and technology has started early in my life, right from the childhood and has always been very passionate towards computers. I am a movie lover and a techie too and have strong skills in troubleshooting computers related problems which enable me to help my friends and would like to extend to one and all.

Having spent a lot on researching on different search engine platforms has prompted me to start this site to help both, myself and fellow bloggers. Here, I would deal with search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), pay per click (PPC), affiliate marketing, email marketing etc. along with other platforms which are trending currently in the industry. My aim here is to help and share the techniques which I have learnt with others who are naive to this industry. My passion towards learning and research is an added advantage since this would aid in learning techniques of digital marketing quite fast.

This website deals with digital marketing techniques which includes blogging and WordPress. Here we will share and discuss about how to earn money through blogging and digital marketing. I will discuss about how professional bloggers get paid through blogging and how one could earn money using these techniques. All you need is to follow my blog so that you can get the best content to earn money with your own blogs by converting your site into money making machine.

I hope that you all will find my website useful by which we can share knowledge through this platform.

Thank you