Long tail keywords are keyword phrases with more than three words that are very specific.

They also convert well when compared to head and medium tail keywords which are harder to rank.

In this post, I am going to share some of the best free and paid tools to find long tail keywords.


Long Tail Keyword example

Examples of long tail keyword phrases : The Ten Best Handling Motorcycles of all Time, Best seo plugin for wordpress free.

As you can see, Long tail keyword phrases are very specific which draw quality traffic to your site and lead to more conversions.

For example, you cannot rank for the keyword “seo plugin” because it is a competitive keyword but you can rank easily for keywords like “10 Best WordPress SEO Plugins For 2016” or “8 Best WordPress SEO Plugins To Improve Search Rankings” because they are more specific and less competitive than head keywords.

How To Find Long Tail Keywords Free

There are many tools to do long tail keyword research.

Some are free tools and others are paid ones.

Paid ones are much better because most of the free tools use Google auto complete.

Paid tools will give you additional data (CPC, Keyword difficulty, Monthly search volume) that will help you to identify better keywords.

The paid tools which I mentioned below are for niche marketing sites which will help you to pick the best keywords for ranking your site easily.

You can also use LSI keyword tools which helps you to rank your site for related search terms.

How to find long tail keywords

Answer The Public

Answer The Public is a comprehensive keyword research tool which uses Google and Bing. It presents you collective questions and gives you the idea behind each search query.

Enter your seed keyword, country and click to get the questions. You will see three tabs on the result page.


This shows you the visualization of questions like How, Why, What, Which, etc., and will show you the questions for the given keyword. This will help you to find what kind of questions people usually ask.



This will add prepositions to the seed keyword like For, To, With, etc., and shows you different keywords giving a scope for more content ideas.



Alphabetical will show you a list of keywords similar to ‘Ubersuggest’ and also help you to research more about the keywords.

alphabetical ask the public

This is one of the best tools to find excellent keywords. You can save the visualization images and check the keywords in Google keyword planner to check the number of searches for that exact keyword.

Another great advantage of this tool is it will give you existing question reports for all the searches done by other people. but the only drawback is you can filter out to find what you are looking for.


Seed Keyword: Blogging

blogging keyword

You can see that it shows you the best possible questions and also appends seed keywords with prepositions such as, “with”, “for”, “like”, etc., which we use daily during our regular search in Google. It also presents you a visual image with awesome keywords which you find nowhere else. It is also used for content research

Pros & Cons: One of the helpful tool which can show you long tail keyword phrases for content research.

No data regarding search volume or CPC.

This tool is helpful for all the niche marketing sites to find what type of questions people are searching on search engines to find a product or review.

This will help you to understand your consumer intent so that you can target your demographics.


Wordze is one of the long tail keyword research tools which provides free service for their subscribers.

Here, you have the option to choose 5 different databases and different countries for each database.

Free users can access both the tools but are limited to 100 monthly credits. You can buy pro subscription which costs 49$ a year which gives you unlimited access to all the three tools.

You have the option to choose 5 different databases and different countries for each database.

This tool also provides you the traffic value for keywords which are similar to “estimated profit” in the keyword revealer.

It also displays CPC, PPC competition, average monthly searches with green and red arrows.

Green and red arrows show the trend for average searches per month which will help you to identify the keywords which are trending.


There are two tools that free users can access

  • Ultimate research tool

  • Long tail keyword tool

  • Competition Analyzer (Premium)

Both these tools help you to find the best keywords with content ideas.

wordze search

Seed keyword: Search engine optimization techniques.0

For this, it returned 577 keywords and some of them are not found in other tools.

For example,

  1. Search engine optimization techniques to increase website visibility.
  2. Basic search engine optimization techniques.


Keyword judge is an amazing tool to find the best keywords and also helps you to judge keyword competition so that you can only choose the best long tail keywords. Enter your seed keyword and it will return a list of keywords along with search volume, CPC, Competition and the pages indexed in Google for the specific keyword.


You can analyze keyword difficulty which shows you the top 10 search results for that keyword along with PA, DA, Alexa rank, Backlinks, Moz rank and Moz trust. Also, it will show you whether the same keyword is used in URL, TAG title, description and H1

keyword judze analyze


Based on the algorithm it will show you “what to expect on the TOP 10” and judges keyword competition. But what makes this tool different is you can change the algorithm and keyword difficulty tag. This will help those who want to tweak the settings to get the best results depending on their Page and Domain authority.




This is the only tool where you can change the algorithm depending on your preferences. As we all know authority sites with good PA and DA can easily rank on top 10 results for high competitive keywords and this can help those who want to rank for these high competitive keywords.

Pros & cons: Shows keyword difficulty and can change the algorithm depending on users. Limited to free users.


KWfinder (5 searches per 24 hours)

KWfinder is a great SEO keyword research tool to find long tail keywords with low SEO competition.

But this is a pro tool, so the free version is limited.

The pro version packages start from 12$ a month.

My suggestion to you is to start with Keyword shitter, Ubersuggest and pick a long tail keyword you want to target first and then check the keyword in KWfinder to see SEO competition for that keyword.

This will show you the SERP results for that keyword and will show you the results along with DA, PA, Moz rank, Moz trust flow and backlinks for that site.

Kwfinder picks high search volume keywords with low SEO competition which is why it is so popular.

Greater the SEO competition means harder to rank.

Enter your seed keyword and choose your country and analyze.


On the left, it will show you keywords with average monthly search volume, CPC, PPC and SEO score.

low competition long tail keywords

On the Right side, it will display SERP results for the keyword along with Google keyword planner data, DA, PA, Moz rank, Moz trust flow, estimated visits  and backlinks for that site.

Pros & Cons: Shows long tail keywords with low competition, displays SERP results, SEO competition and trends for the keyword. Limited for free users.

Keyword Eye

Keyword Eye is another option. You need to sign up to use their free tool. Keyword tool gives you visual data for the keywords along with colors to identify low, medium and high competitive keywords easily.

keyword eye visual

Green- low competitive keywords

Red- high competitive keywords

Orange- medium competitive keywords

You can check the trending topics on Reddit related to the topic.

Select the keyword, right click and click on Reddit.

It will add the keyword to Reddit search and will show you the topics related to it.

Also, you can add the keyword to Soovle and Google search operators.

keyword eye grid view

Grid view shows you the keywords with search volume, PPC score and PPC competition score.

Keywrod eye tool

Pros & Cons: Good keyword tool for researching keywords and brainstorming keyword ideas. Keywords can be added to Soovle and Reddit search. 10 searches daily for Free users.

If you want to find what types of keywords people are using in reddit, then this tool will help you to find that easily.

Keyword Revealer

Keyword Revealer is a paid tool which helps you to find low competition keywords. Free users should sign up to access their free tool for 3 keyword searches and evaluations per day. You can find out keyword difficulty by evaluating the keyword.

This tool shows you “Estimated profit” for the keywords on ADS. So this will help you to identify which keywords are generating more revenue.

keyword revealer search

Seed Keyword: Search engine optimization techniques

For this seed keyword, it showed some good keywords like

  1. How to optimize your website for search engines.
  2. Search engine optimization for starter guide.
  3. Affordable search engine optimization services.

One of the major advantages of this tool is, it shows you whether the same keyword is used in the URL, Title, Meta description and H1.

difficulty level

Other than these, it will also show you a number of backlinks, PA, DA, Moz rank and social media shares.

Pros & cons: Helps you to find out estimated profit for running ads. Only 3 searches and evaluations are for free users.

Wordtracker (Free for 3 searches)

Wordtracker is a great tool to find KEI. Enter your seed keyword in the search engine and it will find the best keywords with search volume. At the bottom, you will see “continue your research” and it will show you the search volume along with competition. The next time you hit “Continue your research” it will show you keywords with search volume, competition, and Keyword Effectiveness Index. KEI shows the effective keywords to rank.

KEI = No of local monthly searches * 2 / No. of results.

Keywords with high KEI shows high search volume with low competition so they are better to target than those with low KEI.

word tracker with KEI

Pros & Cons: Shows keywords with search volume, competition and KEI value, limited for free users, less number of keywords for each search.

The free tool gives you 10 free long tail keywords for every search with KEI. KEI is very important before choosing keywords. If the KEI value is high, it means that the search volume is high but the competition is low.

Wordstream (Free for 30 searches)

Wordstream free keyword tool also gives you long tail keywords and is limited for free users. It will only show you the first page keywords and you can use 30 free searches in the free version. Even though they blur the keyword data, it is easy to find out the keyword competition.

wordstream results

Pros & Cons: Shows a good amount of keywords. Shows page 1 keywords for free users and the other pages are for pro users.

Free Google Keyword Research Tool (2000 Free results)

Free Google keyword research tool (formally Keywordini) also helps in finding good keywords. The Free version displays 2000 results for free which includes search volume and CPC data just like Google keyword planner. The keywords which are on the top are highly competitive and you can see CPC data which shows the amount of competition. But if you sort out the CPC data you will see a list of keywords which are very low in terms of competition with zero CPC. You can target those keywords to rank easily in the search engines.

Pros & Cons: Shows a list of long tail keywords which have less competition and CPC value. Only limited to 2000 keywords but it is better than other paid tools which will give you less amount of keywords.

Seed keyword: SEO strategies

keywordini results

For the seed keyword, this tool provides you 2000 keywords and it will show you CPC, value, which is a plus. Some of the keywords are unique and found nowhere else.

Some of the keywords are

  1. SEO interlinking strategies.
  2. Google new strategies for SEO.
  3. Accurate internal linking SEO strategies.

Keyword Shitter (Free)

Keyword Shitter is a great site to find  keywords for any niche. Just enter your seed keyword and hit shit keywords. It will run for a long time to collect all the keywords from Google Auto Suggest and if it takes a very long time then you can hit stop. Once it stops, you can filter all the keywords using a positive or negative filter so that it will only display relevant keywords from the list. You can download all these keywords in a text file.

This tool is better than any other tool in the market right now. It will give you more keywords than Ubersuggest or keyword.io

Example: If I search for “SEO tools”, it will find a list of keywords related to that seed keyword. If you want to filter those keywords to see which one have the word “best” in it,  then add that word on the positive filter, so that it will only show you the list of keywords which have “best” in it. You can download all the keywords in a .txt file.

Pros & Cons: Free to use, Positive and negative filters can be used to filter the keywords, but takes a lot of time to complete the results.

Seed keyword: Blogging

keywordshitter results

This is a great tool and takes a prolonged time to show you the results, but it’s worth the time spending on this site. For example, the seed keyword “Blogging” returned 9764  keywords and out of these, 4759 contains the blogging term. I had to stop manually since this did not stop searching. With the positive filter, you can filter the keywords which makes things easier for you.

For the same keyword, there is no other tool which gives better results than this tool.

After getting so many results I wanted to test whether these keywords are displayed in Google autocomplete or not. So I took few keywords and found all these results showed up in Google autocomplete.

blogging ipython notebook

ipython notebook

live blogging the Oscars

live blogging

Hacker news blogging platform

hacker news

Pros & Cons: One of the best tools to find the best keywords for free. No data regarding search volume and CPC.

Keywordtool.io (Free)

Keywordtool.io is similar to Ubersuggest and it generates more than 750 keywords for free. It uses Google autocomplete to generate a list of related keywords which are searched by other users. Enter your seed keyword and choose a country for which you want to rank.

Now after you hit search, you will find a list of long term keywords in keyword suggestions. You can also check the questions tab and there are some awesome keywords to target. But on the downside, there is no data regarding the competition. Hence, you should check the same keywords in another tool where you would be able to find the competition for that keyword.

Pros & Cons: Shows 750 free keywords with questions, without search volume and CPC data.

Seed keyword: Blogging

keywordtool.io results

Keyword tool showed some new keywords which are not found by keyword shitter and Ubersuggest. Questions in the keyword tool show long tail key phrases which are not showed in Ubersuggest and keyword shitter.

Some of the keywords are:

  1. Can blogging be profitable.
  2. How do blogging sites make money.
  3. What blogging platform should i use.


Keyword.io (Free)

Keyword.io is another tool that will find keywords from Google auto complete and has other autocomplete tools from Wikipedia, eBay, Amazon, Bing, Play store, Alibaba, Fiverr, etc.

For those who are trying to build apps for play store, it will help you to find unique keywords which are not found in many other free services.

Alibaba and Fiverr keyword suggestions are helpful for users who want to sell products online.

Pros & Cons: Only keyword tool with Alibaba auto-complete tool

Seed keyword: Blogging

keyword.io results

This tool has picked some of the best keywords from Google autocomplete which are not found in Ubersuggest/keyword shitter/keywordtool.

Following are some of the keywords which were not picked by any autocomplete tools.

  1. Difference between blogging and micro blogging.
  2. Does anyone make money blogging.
  3. Must have blogging apps.

Pros & Cons: This tool is for niche marketing sites who want to find long tail keywords people are searching in play store, fiverr, alibaba.

Keyword Tool Dominator (Free for 3 searches)

Keyword tool dominator is a free keyword generator which suggests keywords from Google autosuggest. There are some other tools like Etsy, Google shopping, Ebay, Bing and Amazon. All these tools use autocomplete service from their respective sites.

They also show you the keyword rank and tell you which keywords are easy and which ones are harder to rank. The Free version is limited to 3 searches per day.

keyword tool dominator

This tool is used to find keyword phrases from Google shopping and ETSY. Although Bing, Google, Ebay autocomplete tools give you some insights, I found other autocomplete tools much better because of the limit for free users. But if you are looking for keywords to shop, then ETSY and Google shopping autocomplete tools offer you some great insights.

This tool shows you the rank for the keyword. Keyword ranking is based on the position of the keyword suggestion.  1-5 are popular keyword suggestions  and 6-10 are least popular keyword suggestions.

keyword tool dominator

Pros & Cons:  Like keyword.io this tool is helpful for niche sites who want to find what keywords people are searching  in ETSY and Google shopping and Ebay to find the trending products.

Limited to 3 searches a day.

Soovle (Free)

Soovle is another free keyword research tool which helps you to find keyword suggestions from Amazon, Wikipedia, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, etc.

 This is helpful for those who want to find keywords from different sources at the same time without spending much time on each site. You can also pick the keywords and can check Google trends from the Soovle dashboard.

Enter your seed keyword and click Soovle. On the top left side, you can save the keywords you want to target. For that, you need to select a keyword and drag those keywords. You can download the selected keywords in a .txt file.

soovle results for keyword blogging

For the selected keywords you can also check the Google trends data. Click the trends tab and all your keywords will be added to Google trends and will display you the graph for those keywords. You can now decide which keyword is worth trying.

soovle saved suggestions

google trends from soovle

Soovle also shows you the top internet keywords for the day from different search engines and it will also help you to choose which keywords are trending.

soovle keywords

You can choose from 24 engines which they provide.

soovle engines

Pros & Cons: Great tool to find keywords from popular sites, adds keywords to Google trends automatically for selected keywords, but a limited amount of keywords from each site compared to other tools.

Ubersuggest (Free)

Ubersuggest suggests a list of keywords from Google auto complete. You can also find keywords for shopping, images, youtube, news and the web. Ubersuggest appends every letter of the alphabet to the seed keyword and will show you a list of keywords.

Enter your seed keyword and it will add all the alphabets and numbers before and after the seed keyword.

Pros & Cons: Similar keywords compared to other autocomplete tools. Youtube autocomplete tool picked some unique keywords.

Seed keyword: Blogging

ubser suggest results

For the seed keyword, Ubersuggest returned 330 keywords which are shown already in the keyword shitter and keyword tool. But when I used Youtube autocomplete tool for the same keyword, it showed me different keywords which other tools failed to show.

Some of the keywords are:

  1. Video blogging for beginners.
  2. 21 day blogging challenge.

Google Related Searches (Free)

When you search for keywords in Google, it will show you a list of keywords at the bottom of search results.

For example, if you search for a keyword “Gaming laptops” you will get results related to the keyword “gaming laptops”. Some of these keywords are very easy to rank.

You can check the keywords search volume in Google keyword planner and see which of these keywords are low in competition and have good search volume.

google related searches

Pros & Cons: You will get 8 keywords for every search. No cons.

Google Keyword Planner (Free)

Many bloggers use this tool for keyword research but they never check Adword group ideas which are a fantastic source to find the best keywords which are very specific. In Keyword options select “Only show ideas closely related to my search terms” and click on Ad group ideas and you will see a list of keywords which are relevant to the keyword you searched.

keyword planner ad group ideas

Pros & Cons: Free to use. You will get a list of keywords in ad group ideas. No cons.

Conclusion : These tools which mentioned above are used by many popular bloggers to find long tail keywords and you can use these tools to find the best keywords for your niche site.

Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are "affiliate links." This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

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