Promote Your Blog With StumbleUpon


It is quite hard to get visitors to a new site; with some tricks, you can get more Traffic in less time.

Organic traffic will help to rank higher, however, it is not so easy. There are a lot of ways to increase traffic with the help of Social Media and Guest Posting.

Many social media platforms help you to increase traffic and get unique visitors every day. Let us discuss the best ways to increase traffic.

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Promote Your Blog With StumbleUpon


Promote Your Blog With StumbleUpon



Over 35 million people use StumbleUpon. What is StumbleUpon all about? “StumbleUpon” is a Discovery engine that finds and recommends content to users based on their interests.

Register your account in StumbleUpon and start with a short description of yourself and add your interests. follow others in your niche.

Once you have completed the registration, it is time to download StumbleBar and submit your favorite links to StumbleUpon database.

Go to and replace the keyword with your interests and discover stumblers with similar interests and follow them. You can also use Discover Stumblers to discover new interesting pages across the Web.


StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking site where users can vote (like) for the best articles. Content that gets more votes will be shared with others who participate in the community while they are stumbling.

So more votes = More traffic

Fewer votes = Less traffic

More than 100 interests to choose

StumbleUpon has added a lot of interests in the recent times so that people can get the best from world wide web. They have added subcategories for each category to target niche specific people.

For example, they had ‘movies’ in their interests earlier, but now you can choose specific movie genre based on their subcategories such as “comedy movies”, “independent films”, “drama movies”, etc., so that people can spend time on the specific topics.

film intrests

You can choose different interests. Arts/History, Commerce, Computers, Health, Hobbies, Home/Living, Media, Music/Movies, Outdoors, Religion, Regional, Sci/Tech, Society, Sports.



Why You Should Use StumbleUpon?

If you are a blogger and have old posts which are not getting any traffic then StumbleUpon is a great way to boost those old posts with new traffic.

The following post was about “Google SEO Guide which was posted on 7th October, 2010.


official SEO guide

Do you know how many members have reached this page?

official seo

As you can see, this article was stumbled 788 times with 53 likes. This means that this article will get traffic as long as people vote for this article.

This article was about “free WordPress themes” and it was published on 27th December, 2010.

free wordpress themes post

This article was stumbled 1,235 times with 96 likes.

13 awesome

So if you are in a belief that old posts/articles do not get much traffic then you are wrong my friend.

This post was published in 2010 and was about “Blogging for Business Basics“.

This article is very short (less than 500 words)  but do you know how many times it is being stumbled?

blogging for business old

This post has reached 466 people and it will get traffic as long as people will like this page.

business basics


Evergreen content always works with StumbleUpon. So if you have an old post with zero traffic then try StumbleUpon.

Always, people vote for those articles which show many likes. So if your post gets a decent amount of likes then it’s not that hard to make your post viral.

Not only articles, but you can make your videos and images viral.

riley on marketing

This video was quite popular on youtube

riley stumbles

As you can see, this video has got 29000+ views from StumbleUpon alone.

StumbleUpon success formula

The best way to use StumbleUpon is Like – Follow – Add- Share – Repeat.

Like pages

Follow People who are in your niche

Add pages from other sites

Share your articles with your followers

Repeat the process

If you follow this method, chances are high that you will get a lot of traffic from StumbleUpon.

How To Get Viral Traffic From StumbleUpon?

Once you have a decent amount of follow backs you can share the pages directly with them. You can also ask your friends to join StumbleUpon within your niche and contact them in email and inform them about your site or you can join this Group in Facebook to promote your blog.

They should be active in the community and Stumble. So, you need to form a group whom you trust and  have similar interests.

If you do not have any friends with similar interest, then the best way is to start stumbling and voting articles in order to get your content when they Stumble. It does take some time and it also depends on how many people like your content and share it.

StumbleUpon pages

Use infographics & images and keep your article updated Every Month

Write striking headlines that grab visitor’s attention

Use long tail keywords which are specific

Article should be clear and concise

Do not fill your site with full of ads

Why my bounce rate is High?

They are stumbling pages related to SEO and suddenly your site pops up the information which is not at all related to the content they are looking for. When you add others pages in StumbleUpon, choose the right category.
 Too many ads. I asked few people who stumble immediately when they land on a page and the answer from majority of the bloggers – too many ads. Use limited ads on your site.
Do they dislike your page for a different reason? Slow site speed or too many popups? Increase your site user experience.
 Your content is not that great according to them. (They already stumbled different pages in your niche and you are sharing same information what others have already shared in their articles)


How to Add Websites to StumbleUpon

Now that you have created a StumbleUpon account, the next thing you should do is to follow people within your niche and submit the pages which you like. Login to your account – Click on profile – Add a Page.

So read their terms of service before you begin submitting pages.

stumbleupon add new page

Create Your List

Creating a list in StumbleUpon can help you to get new followers.

You can add new pages and add those pages to your list. Creating a list is easy and you can create as many as you want. click on + sign and create a list.

You can directly add a page to your list while stumbling in the new beta version.

StumbleUpon Badges

Add StumbleUpon badge to your site so that you can boost your traffic even better.

You can select the badge size depending on your interest. Grab your badge code and add the code.

StumbleUpon Badge

Share Webpages Directly To Other Stumblers



You can directly share your web pages with other stumblers. After adding your page to StumbleUpon you can share it directly with your followers.

Do not share too many posts at once. If you are promoting your site by sharing your articles often to your followers then the recipient may report you as a spammer.

Be Active on StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a discovery engine, which means, it will try to find the best useful content for you. So, you need to Stumble, rate or comment the articles and share it with your friends.

This will help you get some followers, and because you are actively participating in the site, chances of getting your content when they Stumble increases.

Many people wish their content to be stumbled right away after signing up and this is not possible. Once you get enough followers, you can share the articles directly with them.

Follow people whose interests are related to your interests. If you follow someone where your mutual interests are different then this would be of no use.

You need to find people within your niche to get good traffic from StumbleUpon. When you actively participate in StumbleUpon, the chance of getting your article stumbled is high.

Using ADSENSE ADS on your site?

A lot of users use Adsense for monetising their traffic who are sceptical about adding their pages to StumbleUpon.There is no evidence to prove that Stumble upon traffic may lead to Adsense ban. You can check the forum here. There are a lot of publishers who have posted there and they get traffic from StumbleUpon.



If you are signing StumbleUpon to promote your blog with no activity, then this is not the right place for you. StumbleUpon policy is very strict and it needs active accounts who can participate in the site.

If you do not participate actively and be there just to promote your own site, you will be considered as a spammer and your account will be frozen. So make sure that you will keep your account active in StumbleUpon.

Follow people who are active and become active in the community by stumbling articles, by rating them or commenting them. If you find anything useful, share it with your friends. Do not forget to read their Help center .

Buy Traffic From StumbleUpon

Instead of buying traffic from sites like ‘fiver’ it is always good to buy traffic from StumbleUpon Ads to Promote Your Blog. Because the cost is less and once you get likes and shares, you can stop buying their ads anytime.

There are a lot of brands that advertise in StumbleUpon since the price is relatively less as compared to others. If you buy traffic Gigs from sources like fiver, you get traffic from same IPs which will affect your site rankings. Also, if you have Google Adsense approved sites, you may even end up banned because of that.

There are three plans in StumbleUpon and choose the one which suits your needs and create a campaign.

How To Create A Campaign In StumbleUpon

Enter the url
This is the page where Stumbles will visit and if you want to track with Google analytics, you need to enter the utm_parameter by adding

You have the option to choose up to 10 topics or you can let stumbleUpon guess the topics. Splitting your campaign into topics is another option which you can use.

Choose the audience based upon age, gender, location, device (iphone, android, ipad) or let StumbleUpon optimize this for you.

Budget and Schedule

Set your budget in a way that your campaign will move ahead before others target the same audience. This is called priority placement. You can upgrade and set your highest daily spent which will help you to calculate the number of visitors you will receive.

For example, you will receive 100 visitors per day for a budget of $10. You can set the scheduling to start immediately until you run out of money or you can opt for a manual setting, where you define a start and end date for your campaign.

Content Is The King

Content presented in your web page should always be of high quality. It is always important to present the content in an effective manner. The first paragraph should always look great in your post. If you are unable to engage your visitors in the first paragraph itself, visitors will click on Stumble and visit a new site.

So it is always important to remember that we should present our article in an effective way in first few sentences. Compose an article which contains videos and images. Try to write lengthy articles instead of shorter ones, because a majority of such articles with word count greater than 700 will be in Google top thirty and also help you to promote your blog in StumbleUpon.

You need a few good blog posts before promoting your blog; otherwise, this would not be of much help. More the content, more the time people will spend in your website. So, write good posts in the beginning and try to promote your blog


So spend some time to Stumble others articles and be active in the community to promote your blog with StumbleUpon. It may take some time to get traffic to your site, but its worth spending time in StumbleUpon.

2 thoughts on “How To Promote Your Blog And Increase Your Traffic With StumbleUpon

  1. I am new to this whole stumble upon thing.. Someone introduced me to it and told me she has received a shitload of traffic from it. So I wanted to give it a shot and I thank you for this information, quite helpful.

    I have learned a lot that I am going to implement.

  2. I was hesitant to get started on StumbleUpon because it was so different, I wasn’t quite sure where to start… But once you get the hang of it, it’s super easy and I like using it to discover interesting articles as well as promote my blog. #win! Flipboard is another way to promote your blog (similar-ish concept) but the automatic hashtag function hasn’t been very accurate in my experience so I don’t really post anything on it yet.. Lest my pregnancy post end up very far off on a banking hashtag 🙁

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