How To Use multiple Keywords in your article

Updated on 18-june-2016

It is extremely hard to gain traffic to a newly launched site. It may not appear on the first page, although the content is profoundly written.

This is because, the site is new and therefore the domain and site authority is less than 10, as compared to the much older sites where the domain and site authority is higher.

Therefore, if you want to get onto the first page of Google, it is absolutely important to incorporate good “keywords”. Also, more than a single keyword is essential to get traffic from the search engines.

Usually, many of us use one keyword, but a lot of high authority sites use multiple search terms to surpass their competition, so as to obtain better traffic.

Many bloggers use this technique and here are some of the examples where you can see related keywords in Title, URL, and meta description. You can see some of the examples below.

Multiple keywords example


Multiple keywords example 2

How To Use multiple Keywords in your article

Keyword Research

Keywords are most important in SEO and it does need a proper research to select a few good ones. Let us start with an example, Interior Design to explain it further.


Interior design example

Now let us see the results which are close to our keyword interior design.

Home decoration – 27,000 – Medium

Home decoration ideas – 27,100 – Medium

Interior decoration – 27,100 – High

Home interior design – 22,200 – High

bedroom decorating ideas – 27,100 – low

A lot of new bloggers target Interior decoration or Home interior design because the average monthly searches are good and the bidding rate is high.

So, most of them target above-mentioned keywords and do not use low and medium competitive keywords.

But if you are good at SEO, you know that targeting high competition keywords is merely a time-consuming process and it is impossible to beat the high authority sites to rank equally along with them.

When you explore for a keyword in Google, it will show the sites on the first page which are related to your search.

Google has changed a lot in the recent years and even though if you target one keyword which is being used by everyone in their articles, it will not help you to rank in the first 300 Google search results.

In order to get your site on the first page of Google, the best way is to pick multiple related search terms which are related and to use them in your article.

Now let us go back to our previous example of interior designing.

Check the relevant search terms which are similar. targeting the right keywords

Home decorating ideas and home decoration are relatively similar, but the keyword is different, also decorating ideas for bedroom and bedroom decorating ideas are similar.

I picked medium competitive keywords here, but if your site is new, then you should target low competitive keywords in order to rank on Google first page.

Now let us see if there are any other keywords which we have to pick up.

Decorating Ideas keyword

bedroom decorating ideas keyword

home decorating ideas

home decoration

Choose the ones which are related to your post. We still can add related keywords such as “home decorating items”, “home decoration accessories”  to increase the traffic.

Try Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a great way to find new keywords. This will help you to select the right keyword for your Title and permalink URL.

ubser suggest results

Heading 1

Heading 1 is the main title for your post. The main post should have at least one keyword and for the above-mentioned example, I would choose “decorating ideas for small house“.

The reason is, it has two keywords which show good search volume and also has a long-term keyword which is specific.

So for Heading, we should use “decorating ideas” and “small house” as keywords.

Adding keywords in the Meta description

We all know that adding keywords in Meta description increases the chance of SEO and thus provide us better traffic.

Meta description: “Here is the list of Small House Bedroom Decorating Ideas“.

You can add more characters here but keep it simple. Meta description will be limited to 156 chars.

Permalink URL

Choose a URL which is small and catchy. Since I have already chosen “decorating ideas for small house” in my first heading, I would not want to repeat it again in the permalink URL.

So I will have to choose another one like “”.

Until now, we used Decorating ideas for Small house, small house bedroom decorating ideas and Home Decorating ideas.

We have two more keywords left to use, “home decorating items and “home decoration accessorieswhich we have picked up from the search related ideas.

Here we use the keyword in image alt tag “home decoration accessoriesand “home decorating items” in the article heading where ever possible and give them a brief description about decorating items and accessories.

Final thoughts

Remember that images and videos play a huge role in SEO. If you do not know how to get images for free then you can check my earlier post, where you can find information about finding High quality images for free.

Add videos from Youtube which are related to your topic. You do not need to create a new video, all you need to confirm is whether the video is worth adding to your site or not.

Give credits to the author to avoid copyright issues or choose CCC videos in Youtube and add it in your article.

You may not get any additional benefit by adding videos from other people, but adding them would certainly help boost your SEO.

Use SEO Plugins that will help you to boost your ranking.

Check your heading and Meta description in Yoast or All in One SEO Pack and see whether the word count is less or exceeded. If it exceeds the count, then you need to edit so that the URL and meta description will not get truncated in Google.


Now you have created an article with medium competitive keywords and all have a good amount of search volume on Google.

When someone tries to search a keyword related to the one which you have used, your article would be shown in the Google search since it has more relevant subject than others.

Once you publish your article, make sure that you share it with your friends and others as much as you can so as to increase social signals and also to increase traffic to your post.


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